Move it or lose it  

A season of Contemporary Dance Classes and Workshops.
This class offering will focus on the movement work, improvisational techniques and creative processes used in the construction of jhon’s artistic work. With the desire to stimulate, encourage and challenge participants toward deep engagement with the material, and themselves, classes will build on each other. The ultimate goal is the development of the individual’s movement intellect and performance clarity. In addition, participants will gain further understanding of jhon’s artistic and instructional work. The spring series will feature workshops with a variety of visiting contemporary dance artists with a strong educational component to their movement investigation. The consistent nature of this dance offering allows the participants to engage in a deeper understanding of the instructors movement work as well as widening the range of physical intelligence.

Barnevelder  Movement Arts Complex Studio B

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Contemporary classes with jhon 10$ a class drop in
Guest artist work shops 20$ a class drop in

Yay Dance Class Cards will be sold for 75$ in 6 week blocks and will include the contemporary classes taught by stronks as well as any guest artist work shops provided within the purchased 6 week period.


Class Offerings and Descriptions

Contemporary Technique: Drawing from a broad foundation of Modern, Post-Modern, Jazz, Classical and Africanist dance training, jhon teaches movement focused classes that emphasize the connection between rhythm/musicality and technical mechanics. Fusing a highly energetic and physical vocabulary. These classes are designed to increase kinesthetic and technical strength while expanding the dancer’s physical intelligence. Individuals are encouraged to develop a wide range of skills in instinctive and technical movement performance.  

Contemporary Movement Laboratory (CML): CML class sessions explore the art and function of sensation-based improvisation and authentic movement practices, while addressing their application in performance and movement cultivation. Beginning with the philosophy that every dancing body has a specific dance history, participants are instructed to start at their foundation. Similar to the work experienced through GaGa Technique, TITOYAYA, and the Forsythe Technologies, these sessions seek a marriage between somatic philosophy and the western tradition in technical/classical dance technique. With a focus on understanding the polarity between presence and projection, each class session will challenge the individual’s stamina in focus and awareness of their own movement choices/ intentions and facilitate the development of a performance presence that is self aware without judgment.